The Importance of a Good Actor Headshot

The Importance of a Good Actor Headshot

Your headshot is the first thing Casting Directors look at.  A bad headshot will only be tossed aside. Whereas a good headshot actor may mean that the Casting Director will seriously consider you for a given role.  It is just that easy.

Too often inexperienced actors think of a headshot like they do their high school senior portrait.  They think they should look their best and have a nice smile.  A headshot that looks like your senior portrait will make you look like plain vanilla ice cream. In a word BORING.  A plain vanilla headshot will not make you stand out among the other people being considered for the role.

In a  good actor headshot, you look exactly like the role you are trying for.  If you are trying out for the “mean girl” role then you should have a lot of attitude in your headshot and you should look “angry, calculating, sneeky, and sly.”    If the part calls for a sweet, girl next door then that is what you should look like in your headshot. You should also dress in a manner that supports the type you are trying to portray.  That is why I highly recommend that my clients get multiple looks from their session. Therefore, they can then print the appropriate headshot and take it with them on the day of the casting call.

Wendy Alane Wright makes some very valid points in the video posted below. She says repeatedly that you need to know your TYPE.  A good actor headshot will show your type very clearly.  When an average person looks at your headshot they should be able to tell you immediately what your type is.  Are you the sweet, kind type or the tough, all Amercian herotype. Too often actors come to me for their headshots and they have never given this a thought. Their primary objective is to get a JOB . Therefore, their “type” is what ever the role that is currently available needs.   If this is your strategy according to Wendy Alane Wright, you will have a very hard time finding a job as an actor. To get a good actor headshot, come prepared to the session knowing your type. Therefore, as the photographer, I can then ensure that this type is apparent in the final headshot.

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