How to apply Your Make-up for a Headshot Session

How to apply Your Make-up for a Headshot Session

I believe that women look their best on camera when they wear make-up.  Properly applied make-up can hide many “flaws” and enhance a woman’s eyes and facial features.   However, improperly applied make-up  can make you look older, create facial shine and cause extra retouching to be necessary to “fix” the problems using photoshop.

Instructions about how to apply your make-up for a headshot

I recently found a video produced by a make-up artists that I recommend to my clients.  It demonstrates how to apply make-up properly for an acting headshot.   However,  after reviewing it, I  found that she is applying make-up in the same manner that I recommend for any headshot.  The point of a business headshot is for a woman to look natural. Of course, this is the same objective for an actor headshot


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