Make Your Actor Headshot POP to Casting Directors

Make Your Actor Headshot POP to Casting Directors

An actor’s headshot is very  critical to their success.  Any seasoned actor or Casting Director will tell you that a headshot can mean the difference between getting a job and not getting a job.

Tips from a Casting Director

Amy Berman, a hollywood Casting Director has developed a video to provide first hand information about how to get a good actor headshot and how to prepare for your headshot. I have posted this video below this post.  She has some very valid points. Of course I believe the most important is to be certain that you have your headshot done by a professional photographer.  If you have an amateur take your headshot it will look like it!  The Casting Directors that looks at your headshot created by an amateur will immediately know that you are inexperienced.  When they see a poor quality headshot they will question how serious you are about being an actor. In other words, if you do not care enough about your career to get a professional headshot then you may not care enough to show up on the first  day of shooting!

Why you need a professional photographer to create your actor headshot

I also believe that it is a good experience to have a headshot created by a skilled professional photographer that has taken a great many headshots for actors in the past. It can be very intimidating to be photographed. A good actor headshot photographer will help put you at ease so your headshots look natural. However, the experience itself will make you that much more prepared to go before the Casting Directors because just like the photographer, they are seasoned professionals.

Cynthia McIntyre Photography is skilled at creating great actor headshots that get results!

I always coach my novice actors about how to stand and what to do during a headshot session. I also provide helpful information about what to do at casting calls.  I have photographed many, many actors and received a great deal of positivie feedback from those actors that their headshots were well received by their acting coaches as well as Casting Directors.

Contact info for Cynthia McIntyre Photography

Cynthia McIntyre has multiple headshot studios in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarastoa, Westchester NY and throughout Connecticut.  For more info visit the main website or CALL 203-364-1592  or 813-369-5545


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